Have You Driven the Ford C-Max Yet?

If you have never tried a hybrid, the Ford C-Max is ready for you to get behind the wheel. This car combines a gasoline engine and a lithium ion battery for power. At low speeds, it uses the battery. When the battery runs out or when you need a higher speed, the gasoline engine turns on.

You also have access to an impressive selection of convenience, safety and infotainment technologies in the compact Ford C-Max. The optional SYNC 3 infotainment center, for example, enables you to sync up to Android Auto for a full-service entertainment experience. 

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Ford Edge: Packed With Technology

One of the reasons that drivers love the new Ford Edge is because of the ability of this mid-size SUV to easily haul kids, gear and whatever else comes their way. The technology available on these vehicles is a big plus for many of our customers, keeping them safe on the streets of Morgantown, WV, while also keeping cabin occupants entertained.

Ford's suite of driver-assist technologies such as front 180-degree camera, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and more help you avoid crashes and other mishaps. 

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Service at the Dealership for Quality Repairs

It's critical to make strong vehicle service decisions a top priority in your life. Don't always go for the option that's necessarily the cheapest - go for the option that can give you the most safety and peace of mind. It can be wise to depend on automotive dealerships for all of your vehicle service requirements.

Mechanics who work for the dealerships have significant factory training. They depend on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components that shine in the quality category. Who needs the unpredictability of aftermarket parts? 

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What You Should Know at the End of Your Ford Lease

The option to lease a Ford vehicle from the dealership comes as a welcome solution for many of the people who could not afford to buy a car up front. Also, it is a breather for those who need convenience over a short period without necessarily incurring the costs of buying a new car. After the lease, however, many are left with several questions as to what options are available.

You could do as the lease agreement says, return the car, hand in the key and walk away. Other options include extending the lease with further payments for the vehicle…

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Take a New Ford Fusion for a Test Drive Today

When it comes to the 2018 Ford Fusion, we could go on and on telling you about its many awesome features. This mid-size sedan is truly a great car anyone could be proud to own. But to see for yourself all the new Ford Fusion has to offer; you really need to stop by our dealership and take one for a test drive.

Start up the EcoBoost engine that is under the hood of any 2018 Ford Fusion and feel its amazing power. The EcoBoost engine combines three technologies to bring you reliable and highly effective performance. Take the Ford…
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The Ford EcoSport Displays SUV Crossover Style

The Ford EcoSport turns heads on the SUV crossover market thanks to its fantastic look and powerful performance. A crossover combines all the features of an SUV along with the ride performance of a hatchback car. A Ford EcoSport captures attention thanks to these traits and many stylistic features.

The innovative swing gate opens the tailgate and makes placing things in the rear compartment much easier. And yes, the swing gate does add to the visual style of the EcoSport. The unique design of the swing gate allows the vehicle to stand out.

The power moonroof does more than allow…
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Benefits of Harnessing BLIS for your Safety

Most car manufacturers are focused on bringing more new safety features and upgrades to ensure drivers and passengers' safety is not undermined. There is a significant number of technology-oriented safety tools to help you park and avoid crashing. 

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Ford's SYNC 3 is Advanced

For all of those that were interested in upgrading their vehicles with smart technology, we here at Freedom Ford Lincoln of Morgantown have the perfect smart hardware showcased right here in Morgantown! The new Ford SYNC 3 is an infotainment powerhouse. 

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The All New 2018 Ford Explorer Is Eager to Please

From the sleek and sporty design on the outside to the luxuriant interior, the 2018 Ford Explorer is sure to pleasantly surprise local Morgantown, WV drivers. The heated Nirvana leather-covered bucket seats with matching heated steering wheel will keep you warm and comfortable with any driving experience.

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